Chapter Officers

President – John Franolich, CISSP, CSSLP

The president shall be chief executive officer of the corporation and, subject to the control of the directors, shall have general charge and supervision of the affairs of the corporation. The president shall preside at all meetings of the members and shall be chairman of the board of directors.

Vice President – Jonathan Frederick, CISSP

The vice president shall preside over meetings that the president is unable to attend. The vice president has the obligation to report to the membership in written at least quarterly regarding the activities of the corporation during that quarter.

Treasurer – Ryan Sydlik, CISSP

The treasurer shall be the chief financial officer and the chief accounting officer of the corporation. The treasurer shall receive all money, keep amount of the same, and on approval of the board of directors make all proper disbursements. The treasurer’s accounts shall be audited annually by an audit committee elected annually by a majority of the members at the annual meeting of the corporation.

Secretary – Daniel Denne, CISSP

The secretary shall have possession of the records of the corporation and of the board of directors. The recording secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings and be responsible for giving notice of meetings as set forth under the Bylaws. The secretary shall be in charge of all correspondence of the corporation and have such other duties as the president deems appropriate.

Diversity and Inclusion Chair – (vacant)

The diversity and inclusion chair shall assume all duties relating to outreach and inclusion.  He or she shall encourage participation by women, minorities, students, industry newcomers and also have the responsibility to make all members and guests feel welcomed.

Membership Chair – (vacant)

The membership chair shall assume all duties relating to membership and membership record keeping. He or she shall also have the responsibility of notifying all candidates for membership of election to membership.